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“I am a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, with 21 years of martial arts training. I want to let you know that Blue Wave Tae Kwon Do is the hidden jewel of martial arts in the Front Range. In 23 years of moving with the military I’ve attended 10 martial arts schools, some good, and some not so much. Blue Wave and Master Nic are at the top of the list. It is obvious from the start that Master Nic is excited about martial arts, and wants to share his love of the art with others. He has the knowledge and experience to inspire a drive for excellence in his students. He is a true technician, and will explain not just the “how” of a move, but the “why” , as well. This allows students to visualize and perform the proper application of technique in the right context. From Tae Kwon Do , to boxing, to MMA style fighting, to weapons training, Master Nic can teach the whole package. In my opinion, that is the embodiment of a true master.
Master Nic has encouraged me, challenged me to do more, and to do better than I thought I could. And not just me, but all his students.
If you are looking for a martial arts school that hands out rank if you pay the fee, don’t go to Blue Wave. If you want a school that will challenge you, push you, and teach the heart of martial arts, then Blue Wave Taekwondo is the right choice.”

~Kristi F


“I have trained in various martial arts for about half my life but have never received the quality and personal instruction that I do at Blue Wave. After receiving my black belt from a local Taekwondo school I felt a growing frustration regarding the lack of real life self-defense instruction and constantly changing curriculum at my school. Even though I was a black belt, I wondered if I would actually be able to defend myself in a life-threatening situation. I felt as though I had received my black belt by rote memorization of forms as opposed to actual self-defense techniques in real life situations. I tried Blue Wave after a friend (and fellow black belt from my other school) had told me about it. I knew immediately that I had found what I had been wishing for: quality instruction for real life scenarios, individual attention, break-downs of techniques to get the maximum result in a fight, and a humble instructor with decades of martial arts experience willing to take the time to perfect my often shoddy technique. As a perfectionist, it is frustrating to know that I have gotten by for so long with poor technique because my classes were too large for the individual attention I needed. As a teacher, I know how much students benefit from individual attention. I am so glad to have found a school that offers everything I need as a black belt. If you are looking for a belt factory that pushes students through the ranks regardless of poor technique or that offer leadership positions based on the size of your wallet, there are plenty of other schools to choose from. Master Nic is simply the best and is able to offer new, as well as experienced Taekwondo students quality instruction for a fraction less than other schools. When I test for my second degree black belt, I will do so with confidence, knowing that I will be able to protect myself.”



“Master K and his staff are AWESOME! From the moment you enter the Blue Wave Taekwando Academy facility, you feel welcome. The atmosphere, lighting, and décor is beautiful, peaceful, and calming. You are immediately greeted and invited to feel at home and to begin making new friends. Then, when class begins, you realize you are in the presence of phenomenal knowledge and experience in the martial arts. Master K and his instructors are professional and extremely competent, but not showy. They make each person feel comfortable, they work with each one on a personal level, they are very respectful and never embarrass participants, and they work around any limitations you might have. Their patience, combined with their tremendous expertise, make each session incredibly productive. The skills I have learned are practical and I can implement them immediately. In addition to the actual martial arts skills that you learn, Master K spends time teaching the mental mind frame and knowledge you need, as well. For me, this has been a physical journey and a spiritual journey. The informational component has made me more aware of my surroundings and better able to assess my abilities in any given situation. Taking classes at Blue Wave has increased my confidence in a big way! I strongly recommend Blue Wave Taekwondo! It is the VERY BEST!”



Taekwondo Lessons – Highest Quality, Low Price, Personal Instruction, BEST Self-Defense Training, Nic Karkabe’ is AWESOME!

This was the best present ever! My husband bought me taekwondo lessons with Master Nicolas Karkabe’ at Blue Wave Taekwondo for my birthday and I am loving it! My flexibility, balance, confidence, and self-defense skills have all improved dramatically! I was going to take lessons for three months but now I’m hooked!
Master K is a 5th Dan Blackbelt who, beyond his expert credentials, is a master of working with people. He is able to customize his instruction to meet the needs of each and every student, whether a child, teenager, or adult, learning impaired or gifted, novice or black belt. It has been exciting to observe Master K working patiently with students with disabilities, as well as seniors. But it has been just as exciting to see black belt students seek out Master K to help them maintain, perfect, and expand their skills. As a retired school administrator, I can tell you that Master K is one of the best teachers I have ever seen!
Finally, I must mention the environment of the Blue Wave dojo, which is uniquely inviting. It is the best combination of an instructional classroom, a working gym, and peaceful, reflective studio.
Check out what you’re missing! Blue Wave is not a run-of-the-mill academy. The black belts say they are learning the real self-defense skills they never got at chain taekwondo organizations! Unbelievably, it is the highest in quality at a lower price. It’s fun, inspiration, and excellence beyond compare!


I would highly recommend Blue Wave Taekwondo to anyone.  My son started because he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, but he has grown in many other ways.  He is a shy kid so the small groups are ideal for him.  Master K teaches some very important life lessons above and beyond learning taekwondo.  He instills courage, respect and mental toughness in his students.  He sets high standards for progression, but is willing to help his students achieve the high standards and encourages them to succeed.

Air Officer Commanding, CS-10


“Blue Wave Academy is in a phrase, “the real deal.” It is in the truest sense an academy. In the three months I spent at Blue Wave during my summer break, I learned more than my year and a half at my home dojo. While my dojo taught me the basics and got me set up on the path towards learning martial arts, Blue Wave Academy actually started teaching me martial arts. The academy emphasizes not only the art in fighting but also the practicality. Master Karkabé pushed all his students hard to learn the basics and beyond, in a direct and efficient way. After only a few lessons I could remember what would have taken me months to learn in my home dojo. However, we as students didn’t just learn repetition and patterns, we learned a basic arsenal that we could use in any order needed. We learned how to be flexible in a fight and how to react in a real-life scenario instead of getting preset forms pounded into our heads.
Blue Wave’s style is very refreshing and very effective. By the end of my three short months I felt that I could actually hold my own in any sort of fight no matter what was thrown at me or how experienced the other fighter might be. Master Karkabé uses his 28 years of experience to the fullest and passes on his knowledge with passion. He is also excellent at spending one-on-one time with all of his students, new or experienced.
The cost of training is also very reasonable and truly inexpensive compared to the quality of training received. I would recommend this academy to anyone who desires to get serious martial arts training regardless of preferred style.”

Katrina M.


“I am extremely pleased with Blue Wave TKD and know I am getting the best product in town for the best price. My 6 yr old son has been with Master Karkabe since the start and is thriving. He gets superb personalized attention and loves going to his classes. Master K and his instructors pay attention to the person at the same time they are precise about form and technique. My 6 yr old is gaining confidence and coordination at leaps and bounds.  I also recently took the 3 week self-defense/rape prevention course that was offered free by Master K as a community service. It was fantastic. We learned essential groundwork skills for self-defense and things we know we can (and must) practice at home. We also learned what we need to think about in our awareness, mindset and fighting spirit to avoid becoming a victim. What I enjoyed most was seeing how Master K is a true master not just in what he teaches, but in how he demonstrates techniques and how he corrects even the smallest details in students’ forms. It is obvious he truly has spent years working hard, improving his knowledge and techniques and pushing his limits. I don’t know anyone else who demonstrates how he strengthens his fist by actually punching the metal beam in the wall as he walks by, or how he strengthens his neck by doing exercises bent over with his head on the floor. The ease with which he does these things proves that he actually does them! He takes his art seriously and it shows. I highly recommend Blue Wave Taekwondo!”



“New taekwondo center right off 105 in Monument. My son is attending and is just learning a tremendous amount more than he did at his last karate school. It’s really quite stunning the difference. Please share and like !! Master k had been practicing Chung do Kwan his whole life and is looking to make a difference in the Colorado area. Get the one on one attention you deserve!”

~T. Small



Several months ago my wife and I decided that our six-year-old son would benefit from martial arts training. Like many little boys he has boundless energy.  He’s bright and athletic but we thought that perhaps martial arts would give him a positive outlet for all that energy.

Neither of us knew anything about the martial arts. So we began to do tons of research. We talked to many friends and looked at numerous martial arts academies online. One name kept coming up in our research. That name was “master K” from Blue Wave TKD.

So we scheduled an interview with master K and also gave our son a chance to observe a class. By the end of that class he was begging us to let us join. We haven’t been disappointed! Master K is very quick to praise and also very appropriate to correct when necessary. He sets a high bar in terms of his expectations on both technique and behavior.  He’s helping to instill discipline in the life of our son and we love that.

So if you are like we were in trying to figure out how this whole thing works give Master K a call and set a time to come see for yourself I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Jeff R


I highly recommend the Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy to anyone interested in martial arts, self defense or seeking a higher level of physical, mental or spiritual fitness. Blue Wave provides an exceptional, real-world application of martial arts and self-defense that you can use on-the-street to protect yourself. Master Nic Karkabe instructs students in traditional taekwondo, then demonstrates how it can be used in real-life environments to defend against bullies and predators. Master Nic also highlights the importance of showing self-restraint, using martial arts to defend, not to be an aggressor.

As a 22-year veteran and retired Army officer, I find his training methods and techniques to be well-grounded, progressive and impactful. I have seen increases in my balance, strength and speed which I attribute to Master Nic’s training and teaching program. As an aside, my increases in fitness are the result of working hard inside and outside his facility. I have to practice on my own time and come prepared to train. If you are ready to consider making a commitment to your physical fitness and ability to protect yourself, and improving your mental and spiritual fitness, I advise you to be a part of the Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy.

Dave Cushen, LTC(R), US Army


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