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Children’s Beginner Course:

Here your child will learn confidence, respect, discipline, and how to actually defend themselves for life, not just point fighting.  Martial Arts training helps with all aspects of growing and learning.  The beginner course consists of learning the basics of blocking, striking, stances, coordination, and the core values of martial arts including courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and cultivation of the indomitable spirit. This class will also build self-esteem, friendships, and exercise values for life. It will help your child to focus all that excess energy into something productive with life-long benefits.

Children’s Intermediate & Advanced Courses:

Here your child will continue to grow their martial arts skills and begin sparring and weapons training. Intermediates have the choice of bo-staff, escrima sticks, or nun-chucks.  Here students will begin thriving and applying their training to real-world application.  At this stage your child will also be eligible to register to represent our school at a national level or even our country at an international level through the World Federation of Elite Martial Arts. This circuit draws upon the best martial artists from all over the world from all styles – making it a federation with challenging competition. Many schools today are involved in closed circuits that draw upon the same homogeneous styles of schools in the same pond.

Adult Course:

Martial Arts training has benefits that help in all aspects of life.  Greater self confidence, flexibility and mobility, weight loss, coordination, and leadership skills to name a few. Our adult course is designed to help our students battle life and old age while giving them a unique advantage in a hostile world. Adults will learn advanced tactical training, weapons training, as well as get into great shape.  While we always train for real-world self defense, our adults have many options such a tournaments and our MMA club to push their limits.

Street Tactical Course:

The most challenging course at Blue Wave.  Here, students will learn the fundamentals of core boxing, striking, and ground fighting.  All course participants as part of their tuition have access to our adult classes as well. This is a very challenging and  accelerated martial arts course to challenge even the best athletes. Here you will advance in rank as a traditional martial arts student while expanding your fighting skills at an incredible pace.

Team USA Course:

To qualify for this course students have to be selected to represent our academy at competitions nationally. Team USA members have the ability to also compete at an international level representing the United States in world competitions. Upcoming tournaments include the US Capitol Classics, the New England Open, and the Battle of Atlanta – all Team USA regional qualifiers.

The Archery Club:

Warm months are special at Blue Wave. Our outdoor training includes archery in the gorgeous front range vista. With views of Mount Herman and distant passing trains, the archery course is a great course for the entire family (Coming Summer 2017).


Women’s Group Anti-Rape & Self Defense Course:

Offered to any group of women in the community wishing to be trained; such as a corporate clientele or support groups.  This course is only available a few times a year and is designed to mentally and physically provide women with the skills and tools they need to remain safe. Master K has designed this class from a broad range of knowledge and experience. Topics of this jam packed course include but in no way are limited to: physical, mental and spiritual preparation for application of force-grounded in escalation procedure, a simple arsenal of physical and verbal response that is unconventional and street-effective, puncture and cutting tactics, ground fighting and draw-fighting tactics, long-term habituation protocol, physical conditioning, capitalizing on psychology and reflex-response and reaction expectations, situational-awareness, and force/defense tool implementation.


The Saber Academy:

Open to the general public, in this three week class students learn acrobats and sword wielding as well as the honor of simulated combat.  This course will empower your child with some awesome acrobatic tricks and light up the air with our issued, impact-resistant light sabers. Students will learn coordination and range comprehension in simulated combat with choreography to gain skill sets with a sword. Plus it’s pretty cool and your child will love it!  Please call for details.


World-Class Pilates:

Purple Mountain Pilates is in-house at BlueWave Academy!  Gina Dickey is one of the regions best and most comprehensive teachers you will find for strength & flexibility (plyometrics) training & Pilates.  From injury recovery, to elderly, to pro-athletes, to people just wanting to stay healthy and young or increase ability, this is the place to be with the equipment and 1-on-1 attention you need.



Why Choose Us?

Master K started training in the martial arts and gymnastics in 1985.  He has over 30 years of continuous training and experience at 38 years of age. Blue Wave students get a great amount of 1-on-1 attention from him and he personally teaches almost every class.  Master K leads from the front and participates with students in all that they do.  Also, our price point and facilities are unsurpassed in affordability and quality.  Please read our testimonials here … and feel free to set an appointment with us if you need some help knowing what makes a good school and how to choose one for you and your family.  Here is an article written by Master K on our blog that discusses important things to understand when shopping around.

Families that kick together, stick together…


@ Blue Wave  Taekwondo Academy, families train together for health, wellness, & life.  The benefits of a true & traditional martial art is well documented.  Please take the time to do your own research & learn what is a  good fit for you & your clan.  Here is a partial list of the wonderful benefits quality martial arts instruction has to offer:

Benefits of Traditional Taekwondo


1. Leadership skills
2.Lower Stress
3.Weight loss
4.Courtesy and respect
5.Injury resistance
6.Better grades = scholarships
7.Improved sports performance
9. Confidence against bullying
10.Balance & Coordination for growth spurts
11.Life-long friendships
12.Energy release & energy focus
13.Situational awareness
14.Control over emotions


1. Lower Stress
2. Lose weight while having fun
3. Increase mobility and flexibility
4. Preventative health care=decreased medical bills
5. Confidence in self-defense
6. More respectful children @ home
7. Quality family time
8. Less electronics pollution
9. Greater mental clarity & focus
10.Stamina and strength
11.Lifelong friendships and community
13.Lower blood-pressure & heart attack risk
14.Increased immune system


“I have spent a great deal of time & effort to bring my students an exciting & authentic curriculum consisting of effective self-defense Chung Do Kwan, the beauty of modern exhibition/sport taekwondo & gymnastics, as well as the diversity of many unique, specialized, & healthy auxiliary courses to benefit & interest the entire family.  I hope you will give our family the opportunity to  serve yours.”   ~Master Nic Karkabe


*Master K & daughter Unari

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