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Chung Do Kwan

Chung Do Kwan Colorado Springs

Chung Do Kwan literally means “The Blue Wave School.” It is an unconventional martial art developed as a result of the Japanese occupation of Korea & its influence upon the life of its founder, Won Kuk Lee. It is a powerful, effective, combat-proven art, & is thus the choice of Korean Law Enforcement & Military. Its founding is steeped in romanticism & struggle, as Won Kuk Lee was forced to flee his homeland to protect his family & knowledge.
Lee chose the name for his art while meditating by the ocean. He saw the relentless power of the waves & wanted his fighting style to be the same. To Lee, the deep blue of the waves symbolized a hidden knowledge that required scholarly discipline in addition to physical training to unveil.
Lee chose to represent his unique art with a fist punching-holding a scroll. The scroll symbolizes this notion of balancing combat training with academic study & humility.

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