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Black Belt Philosophy:


Respect is a term that can be applied both to the self, and to the greater world around us.  Respect for one’s self means application of self defined values.  At the macro level, this can entail other people, adhesion to established political and social values, as well as a defined sense of values stemming from a religion or culture.

Respect is an adherence to principles of culture; and knowledge of elder generations or contracts.  It is recognizing that there is wisdom to be acquired through methodology created outside of one’s self.  It is a paying of tribute to greater wisdom and experience and the recognition of something you have yet to accomplish or a sharing of mutual achievement with one who has shared a journey or endured the same trails.

It is a comparison of naivety and knowledge.  An appreciation of accomplishment; a recognition of a state of ignorance and a desire to improve; Tribute/Recognition of a medium to a desired goal; an acceptance or appreciation of an accomplishment.

Goal Setting:

Goal Setting is defining one’s self ordained path by placing achievement markers.  It is a way to quantify direction and vector towards self improvement.  Goal setting is a skill to be learned.  Goals ought to be realistic and not overwhelming, incremental and manageable with set points of recognition and reflection on the way.  A mentor ought to guide youth in this skill set for optimum results and longevity in a successful skill set.


Focus is the ability to concentrate and pay attention to what comes into your field of sensory perception or mind.  It is the ability to tune a necessary amount of brain computation to accomplish a task or overcome an obstacle, whether mental, physical, or spiritual.  Inversely, it may be the ability to filter out anything but what you wish to direct your attention to.


Integrity is the willingness and ability to do what is right when no one is looking.  It is living up to the ideals you have set for yourself (or agreed to via contract), regardless of the burden placed upon you.  Integrity incorporates honesty.  It means you practice what you preach, so to speak.  Integrity is lasting and remaining with the approval of others or self.  It is also inherently an approval of self via the reflections of others as a frame of reference because there is always a defined standard when speaking of it.

Self Control:

Self Control is placing an accepted restraint upon the self.  It is recognition of extremity – as a cause of destruction- through knowledge and lesson.  It is a mental constraint upon the desires of the flesh and mind as a vessel in a material world.  It is an acknowledged or perceived benefit that manifests in a future time, as a result of a self denial now.  It is the adherence to moral principle in the face of temptation.  It is fasting internal desire that is contrary to health and productivity of the self.  It is logic over emotion or instinct.


Confidence is perceived future success in performance through training, preparation, and past experience.  It is an adversarial comparison of self.  It is self-knowledge, awareness, and likely predictability of the outcome of an event through analytical or emotional deduction based on experience and variable analysis.


Perseverance is not giving up until a goal is achieved.  It means continuing along a chosen path despite difficulty and lack of comfort.  It means remaining when others fall out of formation.  It means achieving goals.



Enthusiasm is the demonstration of energy and intensity towards something.  It often entails a feeling of enjoyment and vigor regarding a task in the presence of others.  Enthusiasm is often indicative of enjoyment…perhaps an expression of creativity.

Enthusiasm is preference.


Cooperation is the coming together of multiple parties to accomplish a commonality.  It is combined effort and mutual agreement of accompaniment and task.  Cooperation often benefits the participants greater than if they had attempted to accomplish the task alone.

Cooperation is absolutely necessary for many aspects of civilization that we enjoy today such as mass transit, cities, and the global communications network.   Cooperation often entails compromise and understanding because an agreement must come from communication of different realities in creating a shared new one.


Leadership is demonstrating to others how to proficiently accomplish a task in a way that inspires others to follow you and your method.  A leader shows how to accomplish a task successfully and gains the respect of others in the circle.  A leader sacrifices and leads by example and sets a high standard of moral and ethical conduct.  Leadership is performance under pressure and the ability to serve as a hub in the wheel of issue-resolution.  It is sacrifice for the good of the whole.  Leadership is the setting of standards for others to follow for achievement and dedication – always demonstrating proficiency and excellence in demonstrating the model or portions therein – also demonstrating the characteristics and traits necessary to achieve the predetermined objective.   A leader must have a likeable nature so that participants will follow him into battle with no disruptions in the chain of command and no distractions from the mission.  Leadership is service with excellence and the commandeering of others’ respect for delegated authority and commission through contract.  It is grace under fire and graceful delegation in necessity and duress.  It is power and like fire or a two edged sword, should be treated with respect and honor.  Leadership should always be challenged for moral integrity so that we learn from history.



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