World-Class Traditional Martial Arts Instruction: Monument, Palmer Lake, Woodmoor, Colorado Springs, Black Forest, and Castle Rock Colorado

Colorado Springs Karate


Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy provides families and children with the ability to learn martial arts & self-defense training for real-world situations. The core of the academy is authentic Chung Do Kwan: the martial art choice of Korean law enforcement & military.

Our forms library consists of over 45 volumes of traditional as well as modern style. Our academy specializes in bo-staff, nun chucks, escrima sticks, archery and sword for weapons.  Due to Master K’s Olympic caliber gymnastics training, core boxing and footwork training straight from Mike Tyson’s gym, and Master Grant’s friendship with Judo legend Tomo Kidachi, we feel we have the region’s most comprehensive, in-house martial arts style for actual street self-defense and self improvement. We don’t outsource with shoddy fighting systems and all teachers are adults with over 20 years of training and a passion in the martial arts.  Blue Wave members also train in power breaking and meditative conscience sciences.  We occasionally offer our World Federation of Elite Martial Arts Force Saber Academy & a Women’s anti-rape & self-defense course to the general public. Thank you for stopping by to learn about our club. Please read our testimonials here to see what your neighbors have said about our family.

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