Miss Ella

Little Ninjas Instructor

Ms. Gabbriella Bernal

Little Ninjas Instructor

Miss Ella is Mr. Jesse Bernal’s daughter. She began her martial arts journey in Kindergarten with a Japanese style of Karate, Goju-ryu. After moving from California in elementary school, the focus and discipline she acquired in the martial arts was channeled into her passion for Dance. She continued with Dance into her Freshman year of high school, when injuries forced her to take a break. During her off time from Dance, she resumed Martial Arts training with her Father, until she began Ice Skating.

With her knowledge of martial arts, advanced understanding of body mechanics from years of dance and formal education as an Athletic Trainer Assistant at Grandview Highschool, Miss Ella is a great fit for the position of Little Ninjas Instructor.

“My favorite thing about teaching the kids is knowing I’m making an impact on their lives.”
~Miss Ella